beep beep, here comes the jeep.

I’ve arrived in Daytona Beach!

Much to my surprise, there aren’t any high school girls running around with frozen margaritas. Or MTV DJ boothes bumping Katy Perry’s “Firework.” Or ping pong balls falling off hotel balconies when a beer pong shot went awry.

It’s Jeep Beach 2012: A 4-day event with nothing but rock ‘n roll music, customized Jeep Wranglers, craft beer and brotherhood. A Jeepified fraternity, if you will. In that analogy, I’m a pledge. Please, don’t haze me.

This is my first year partaking in a Jeep show. I bought my 2011 JK (above) in June of last year from the Chrysler Jeep Dodge Suburban dealership near my apartment in Troy, Mich. As I’ve said in the past, it’s my dream machine. I’ve wanted a customized “Jeep” since I could say the word aloud. The last 11 months have been a “dream come true.”

New additions to my Jeep this weekend include: Rear fog lights, a fifth tire/wheel and ACE Engineering fenders.

I’m looking forward to Saturday — inside Daytona International Speedway — when thousands of Jeeps and vendors get together to sell merchandise and market their brands inside one of the most famous arenas in all of professional sports.

Do you own a Jeep?

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