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Hi, I’m Sean.

I kind of got fed up with the whole “I’m a runner! I eat really well!” thing. Is that a thing? I dunno, everyone considers themselves an amateur runner and nutritionist now with little to no actual knowledge of anything. That pisses me off. Welcome to the website of someone who likes to call people out for their bullshit and work hard to be a realist.

I’m not a nutritionist. I’m not an athlete in training. And I’m not an alcohol connoisseur.

I’m simply a 25-year-old guy who eats food that tastes good, exercises 7 days a week and drinks beer that doesn’t come in a can. I don’t follow a diet. I don’t stick to a workout plan. I live my life how I feel that specific day.

And I feel pretty freakin’ great.

When you come to, you’ll find daily posts showcasing delicious meals, fun workouts and mouth-watering craft beer reviews. Basically, when I eat, work out or drink, you’ll know about it.

Sometimes I eat Taco Bell. Yes, I consider the Taco Bell Value Menu a delicious meal. If that’s a problem, you’re in the wrong place.

Be comfortable with who you are and laugh every day. That’s my creed. And here, we’ll stick to it.


This is my blog. Enjoy.

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